VH-EEI was lovingly restored for Bob Merkenhof by Ray Windred of Luskintyre, Australia. The Restoration was completed in December 2004. It has won awards including The Antique Aircraft Association of Australia's Best Tiger Moth in 2004. Sporting a very unique civilian colour scheme after a full restoration.

Thanks to Ed Coates for his research on post RAAF opertations of VH-EEI, previously VH-AMX and VH-WFQ

VH-AMX was another of the original Royal Aero Club of WA Tigers acquired after WW II. (formerly the RAAF's A17-136)  In 1954,  it was sold off to Aero Service who converted it into a crop sprayer.  As a duster it was later re-registered VH-WFQ when the Aero Service fleet was put into the VH-WF series to  acknowledge the supplier of their superphosphate and spraying chemicals, Westfarmers.  It has now been rebuilt as a standard two-seater and registered VH-EEI.



Ross Moorehouse
Did a flight today in a Tiger Moth with Hunter Valley Vintage Wings. What an amazing experience. Firstly this has fulfilled a dream that I have had since I was a kid to go up in one. Visit our face book page for more details....